About us

Skulptuurikoda is a company with long traditions that offers convenient and flexible customer service and designs that are always classic and attractive.

We make high-quality construction, interior and garden furniture products, flower vases, human and animal sculptures, balcony railings, columns, paving stones, hearths and fireplaces and much more. We also produce one-off works based on customers’ vision and drawings. Our products are made of high-quality plaster and concrete that can withstand cold and moisture. We offer customers a wide range of different options for surface finishes. The most sought-after finish is Antique (grey stone with dark accents).

For years, Skulptuurikoda has been developing its products and through constant improvements in quality we now boast the lowest prices in Europe, and all customers both in Estonia and elsewhere in Europe have a high appreciation for our work. We engage in cooperation with many companies in the same field and we always recommend the best solutions. Our selection of products increases with each passing year.
Last but not least, Skulptuurikoda products are always dispatched in good quality and by the agreed-on deadline!

Warranty information

1. The warranty on the products is valid for two years after purchase. 2. The warranty applies only to manufacturing and material ... Read more »


Skulptuurikoda on aastate pikkuse traditsiooniga firma, mis pakub Teile mugavat ja paindlikku teenindust ning alati klassikalist ja ... Read more »