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Warranty information

1. The warranty on the products is valid for two years after purchase.

2. The warranty applies only to manufacturing and material defects.

3. The warranty is good if the product or equipment was installed and used according to these instructions and only if no unauthorized repairs were attempted and the item or equipment was complete when received for repairs and lacking visible mechanical damage.

4. The warranty is void if the error was caused by:

* improper installation;

* careless storage or handling;

* freezing of the equipment or dry operation;

* introduction of foreign particles or debris into the device;

* voltage fluctuations or improper voltage.

5. The warranty does not cover compensation for losses stemming from inoperable equipment or cover costs of transporting the equipment to and from repairs.

6. If all of the above warranty terms are met, the manufacturer will execute the repairs or, if it is not possible, replace the defective product with a new one.

7. Upon request for warranty, the manufacturer accepts only this document bearing the name of the company that sold the device, the name and signature of the person who executed the sale transaction, the seal of the company that sold the item, the sale date, the name and signature of the buyer affirming having read and consented to the terms of the warranty.


Transport is by DHL express mail and Skulptuurikoda trucks.


Delivery time depends on the quantity and destination of the goods.

Delivery by express mail takes place from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. The courier will call and agree on an exact time and place for delivery.

Off-loading of goods at destination

Shipments of up to 30kg will be delivered door to door, while bigger shipments will be delivered to the off-loading area and the customer will handle the arrangements for making sure that the shipment can be off-loaded at the destination address.

I will come to pick up the item.

If you want to waive the Skulptuurikoda online store’s transport service, you can pick up the item at the Skulptuurikoda studio in person! To do this, choose this method from among the methods of transport. After you pay the invoice, we will let you know when the item is ready by telephone or e-mail. Please note: the item will be released only to the person who placed the order (unless we were notified otherwise) on the basis of the “order confirmation” and ID.